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It began in July 26th Nike in the network and broadcast a "short live your great", it presents many ordinary people all over the world beyond their touching moment in motion, let everyone feel great: in fact, there is no fixed definition, it is a belief the hearts of every ordinary person can rely on this belief to achieve personal achievements, create self exciting. At the same time, Nike in the network is also a great topic for # # live label, about how ordinary people live out of their great. Those who live on the Internet, "live out your great" series of micro-blog, is to integrate into this idea, for the majority of people who love sports tell their true feelings inside.The day before the famous Swedish shoe store Sneakersnstuff teamed up with Asics and Onitsuka Tiger expansion joint projects, overwhelmed by the brand's classic shoes Gel Lyte V and Shaw Runner as the design blueprint, inspired by the men's suits and tweed pinstriped material, and on the upper main material to build, not only ensure the overall high-end properties of shoes the paragraph, also let the original sports atmosphere has been sublimated. It is learnt that the series of shoes will be landed in January 31st, designated shops limited sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Jordan Brand classic heald shoes Jordan Trunner series has been obsessed with old shoe fans. It is repo Cheap foamposites for sale rted that this pair of Jordan Trunner LX, will soon launch bull themed traditional color matching. Regardless of shape, design, or feelings, for Sneakerhead's lethality is great. started last year, Hom Ye announced that this year is expected to launch adidas Yeezy basketball shoes, and today, God appeared UCLA, and wearing a pair of suspected Yeezy basketball shoes. If it is launched soon, will it also cause a panic buying spree? For further details, please keep in mind the reports we have brought.Time: 2007-02-02 11:52 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click help capture nano silver antimicrobial technology by the Fujian provincial economic and Trade Commission organized the "help children antibacterial technology appraisal meeting in Quanzhou last week, such as opening, the experts identified help nano silver antibacterial shoes technology has reached the international advanced level of antibacterial the. Domestic antibacterial technology for children's shoes for the first time to meet international standards. Nanan Gang Deng Footwear Company Limited General Manager Hou Jingguo said, this technology is the company; help overcome nano silver antimicrobial technology organized by the Fujian provincial economic and Trade Commission "to help children antibacterial technology appraisal meeting in Quanzhou last week as open, the expe foamposites for cheap rts identified help of silver nanoparticles antibacterial shoes technology has reached the international advanced level of antibacterial. Domestic antibacterial technology for children's shoes for the first time to meet international standards. Hou Jingguo, general manager of Nanan shoe industry Co., Ltd. said that the technology is developed by its company and Shanghai Shanghai Nano Technology Co., ltd.. Quanzhou university president Lin Songbai said, this technology has been previously detected by Swiss SGS and domestic institutions China antibacterial anti-bacterial materials and Products Association CIAA, the technical appraisal is the industry management department audit. industry believes that children's unemployment present homogenization of serious competition, this is due to the low content of conventional shoes, easy to imitate, therefore, some enterprises will be committed to some cutting-edge technology innovation, in order to avoid imitation. Qian Zhenzhong, director of Spring Office of China leather and footwear industry research institute, said that nano antibacterial technology has been used in some adult shoes and leather shoes enterprises. (Editor: admin). days ago, Houjie town of Dongguan City, fortune shoe Plaza two projects completed. It is reported that fortune shoe limited company in September 2007 to invest about 15000000 jordan shoes online sale yuan in liaoxia opened fortune shoe Plaza Phase, and has achieved good economic and social benefits, the financial crisis in the world today, fortune and billions of dollars in the development of the two phase of the project. Hongyun shoes limited company chairman Zhuo Zhixiong believes that the completion of the two fortune Houjie Town event promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of the pilot work, opened a prelude to the development of a company rooted in Houjie hongyun. it is understood that the total area of about 60 thousand square meters fortune shoe Plaza two projects, construction area of over 120 thousand square meters, with the European style garden design style with a tree, a total of 2000 shops, can fully meet the needs of various businesses, sales office and warehouse. Hongyun deputy general manager Cai Jianxin believes that the two stage will be fortune shoe procurement center, R & D center, information center, as well as the city of Dongguan and the price center. "You can say, in the Fortune Plaza shoe, shoe shoes material without you do not sell, do not find the footwear information." Houjie Town Mayor Chen Zhongqiu said that the global production of its ten pairs of shoes, Chinese six, Dongguan one, Houjie as the main force in the footwear industry in Dongguan, occupies an important position. According to the latest statistics, Xianei H Cheap air jordans for sale oujie shoe companies nearly 500, annual production capacity of 2 million pairs of shoe of about more than 160, nearly 100 thousand employees, with an annual output of about 600 million pairs of shoes, accounting for 4% of the world's footwear production, has formed a Chinese export footwear and shoes, shoes for the main trade, research and development center. (Editor: admin) at the end of this month there will be two new versions of the D Rose 5 Boost sale, the two color inspiration comes from Chicago, black and white color from ice and snow in winter, blue version woven from Chicago's black workers, as well as their unique Chicago style Blues music. ; New Balance and 686 for each ski brand first joint cooperation, made a series of joint single product. Including 686 x New Balance MT580, 686 x New Balance 580 snow boots, snow suit jackets, hooded jacket, short Tee and New joint Era hats and other single product. 686 x New Balance MT580 and 686 x New 580 Balance two snow boots are black and white two color, and every single product is a symbol of the two units, New Balance believe that the majority of fans absolutely this love. This series of joint projects will be launched in the autumn / winter festival. although their injury will affect the victor & middot; Cruze this season's appearance, but the New York Giants receiver is still the spiritual leader of jordan 3 katrina 2018 the team, and Nike launched its new signature shoes air trainer V.Cruz not this depressed, overwhelmed, release has a full blue air trainer V.Cruz real feet, details and yeezy series of similar, but tones to choose but rather some of the early release from annual don C jordan 2 shadow. source: Clark Kent DJat the turn of the year, also the largest sports brand summary, back in 2011 Adidas hit all in concept, leading spokesperson Derek Ross won the NBA regular season MVP, and launched the light as the theme of the series of adiZero products. I believe that in 2012 Adidas will continue their big moves. Crazy 8- the University of Louisville color this is the launch of the red shoes in NCAA University of Luis Weil color, but Ross in a game against the heat of the game wearing the shoes and scored 26 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, the shoe color and the bull just away kit very well, but also because of Ross wearing a sales increase.Bilateral free trade talks between Vietnam and the European Union are expected to reach an agreement in June, according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of china. Vietnam, meanwhile, is taking part in the TPP negotiations. Nandu journalists interviewed noted that Vietnam and China products exported to Europe and the United States and Vietnam have a competition, low cost advantage, Vietnam and the EU FTA negotiations will enable the export to according to the advantage of stack; China official website of the Ministry of Commerce News, Vietnam and the European Union are bilateral free trade negotiations are expected to reach agreement in June this year. Vietnam, meanwhile, is taking part in the TPP negotiations. Nandu journalists interviewed noted that Vietnam and China products exported to Europe and the United States and Vietnam have a competition, low cost advantage, Vietnam and the EU FTA negotiations will make the export duty-free and superimposed advantage, is bound to China low-end manufacturing impact. But continuing to compete with countries such as Vietnam in the low-end manufacturing sector is neither realistic nor contrary to the direction of promotion." China (Hainan) said the reform and development of the Institute for Public Policy Research Institute deputy director Kuang Xianming told reporters in Nandu, "facing Chinese manufacturing pressure, Vietnam is not brought, more is needed to solve the transformation of its economic structure upgrade problems." TPP Vietnam to speed up the negotiation;; China according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce News, "Vietnam Economic Times" reported on April 9th: the International Trade Commission, the European Parliament Chairman John Boehner · Lange (BerndLange) said in April 8th, Vietnam and the European Union is an important content of free trade negotiations in the negotiations, is expected to agreed in June this year. In addition, Vietnam is also accelerating participation in the negotiations on the T PP, said it is expected to sign in 2015. According to the Vietnamese "investment newspaper" reported that after the signing of PP T, part of tariffs on goods including textiles will be reduced to zero tariff from the current 17-25%, Vietnamese enterprises will be more competitive, and Vietnam will usher in the second investment boom. Vietnam official statistics show that in the export market, the EU is Vietnam's largest export market, in March this year the amount of export to Europe for Vietnam lost $6 billion 920 million; Vietnam exports to Europe the main export products include a variety of telephone and its accessories, footwear, textiles and clothing, electronic products, computer and parts. Followed by the United States, in March this year, the export amount of $6 billion 900 million. and in 2013, the EU is Vietnam's second largest trading partner, bilateral trade volume of 24 billion 200 million euros, the EU is Vietnam's largest export market, Vietnam exports to Europe to 21 billion euros, accounting for 19% of the total exports of vietnam. The EU is also one of Vietnam's major sources of foreign investment. in recent years, Vietnam has undertaken many shifts in Chinese manufacturing because of lower labor costs and production costs. 2015 spring festival. in April 19th, during the Jinjiang shoe fair, a number of projects signed, laid the foundation and started construction in Jinjiang. It is reported that this exhibition , a total of 50 investment projects. The total investment amount is 405 million 600 thousand US dollars, and the contract foreign capital is 308 million 720 thousand US dollars. Among them: 37 investment projects, the total investment of 303 million 950 thousand U. s.dollars, the contract foreign capital 236 million 360 thousand U. s.dollars. 13 capital increase projects, with a total investment of US $101 million 650 thousand, with a contractual foreign capital of US $72 million 360 thousand. to attend the ninth session of Chinese (Jinjiang) International Footwear Fair foreign investment projects signed 10, a total investment of 180 million 450 thousand dollars, 138 million 730 thousand dollars of contracted foreign capital. There are 3 projects signed by science and technology projects, with a total investment of 15 million 790 thousand yuan. There are 3 contracts for other projects. The signing of these projects is of great significance to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in Jinjiang and to raise the level of industrial development.